How To Remember Guitar Chords

There are a lot of aspects you must keep in mind while first trying to learn how to play the guitar.
How to remember guitar chords

Remembering how to play each song can be overwhelming, especially if there are many chords in the middle of the song. This article discusses some tips on how to remember guitar chords.

Learning new chords while remembering the ones you already know can also be tricky. You need tips that will help ensure you can do this perfectly. Learning depends on your ability to move information from short-term to long-term memory.

Learn How To Read Guitar Chords

The first step in remembering guitar chords is learning how to read them. Take time to master how guitar chords look and how the chord diagram works.

A chord diagram is a visual representation of how you should play chords. It consists of lines and dots. Lines represent strings, while the dots represent your finger placements.

Once you learn these chords, it’ll be easier to remember them as you play.

Pick Out The Chords You Intend To Remember

To learn anything, you must first decide what you want to know. It would be best to begin with the easier ones to learn and remember when picking out chords.

If first starting, it’s highly recommended to begin with the basic chords first before moving on to the more complicated ones.

Learning basic chords enables you to transition smoothly into learning the rest of the chords. Learning is significantly more accessible because they can be pretty similar.

Break Larger Amounts Of Information Into Smaller Chunks

Chunking is a strategy where you break down large amounts of information into smaller ones. 

Your short-term memory can only hold limited details for a short time. Chunking takes advantage of the limits of this memory.

It would be better to focus on learning and memorizing a few chords first before you can master a whole progression. If you want to learn a chord progression of seven chords, focus on getting two or three of them instead of the whole piece.

It’s better to have total mastery of one or two chords than try to learn all of them at once, which may be overwhelming.

Learn Similar Ideas Together

A lot of chords have something in common. Their similarity may be their shape or the pivot finger you should use on them. This makes it easier to learn them simultaneously.

Learning two of these chords at once helps you store them in one single memory. Once you master one of them, it will automatically remind you of the one.

Some chords with similar shapes are Em and A. G, and Cadd9 share the same pivot finger.

Focus On Understanding The Chords More Than Memorizing Them

When you work on how to remember guitar chords know this: It’s easier to understand a concept rather than to remember to repeat it. Looking at a chord sheet and trying to memorize the series of letters without understanding them will end up in an endless loop of repetition.

This loop is because your memory will constantly need periodic refreshing each time you try to remember. However, once you understand the underlying chord progression, you can relate it with other chord sequences, remembering it quickly.


Take time and play the chords over and over again. The more you play, the easier it will be to remember how it sounds.

All types of movement require brain activity which is tuned through repetition. Repetition of actions, such as playing chords, helps the brain to learn and memorize patterns.

Once your brain has memorized a chord, you will require less brain activity to remember it again. You must ensure that while practicing, you are using the proper technique. Constant repetition of the wrong style or chords will lead youlead to you to a bad progression.

Stop If You’re Overwhelmed Or Not Learning

Trying to learn chords can be overwhelming, and attempting to do it all at once may be why you are not learning.

If you notice you keep forgetting the chords once you’ve learned them, it’s okay to take a break. Use this time to rest and come up with a different strategy.

The most effective strategy is breaking down your learning curve. Try learning a little at a time and avoid biting more than you can chew.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to remember while playing the guitar. This can be overwhelming since there are a lot of chords to master.

However, with the right tips, it gets easier, and you’ll be able to memorize them within no time. Take time to read and understand them before you begin practicing.

Constantly play them to allow your brain to get used to them, making it easy to remember. Also, focus on learning bit by bit instead of bulk memorizing. Once those pesky chords are burnt into your brain it’s time to start writing some music, so head on over to our article How To Write A Song On Guitar.

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